About the Leak Locater

The leak locater has 17 years experience, and is an expert in finding and fixing leaks. Starting in the commercial space in England, finding and fixing leaks in public pools and indoor/outdoor water parks, his skills were quickly acknowledged and was known by all major pool companies around the UK.

11 years ago Mark moved to the pool captial of the world, Perth! Since then he has found and repaired leaks in countless pools, leaving nothing but happy customers behind.

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Why us

What the Leak Locater Checks:

Your leak locater will check:
-Hydro valves
-Skimmer housings
-All pipes

Leak Location Guarantee

If your pool has a leak, and the leak locater can not find it, there will be absolutely no charge. The leak locater strives on challenges and has always found the leak no matter how hidden.

Post Leak repair check

Sometimes a pool can have more than one leak which is why after we find and fix a leak the leak locater will use a top of the range Leakalyzer which will determine in 15 minutes if your pool has another leak.

Finding the Hardest Leaks!

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